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fuel polishing

Fuel Polishing in Southwest, Florida

Has your vehicle, boat or RV been acting up lately? Perhaps you notice your engine has a rough idle, or has issues getting started. If you’ve taken a peep in your fuel tank, you may see that your fuel is dark, a slimy mass can be seen on a filter or there seems to be sediment floating around. These symptoms point to dirty fuel. This simple problem can cause your engine plenty of trouble. Get things back on track with fuel polishing through Clean 2 Go Fuel Services.


Serving Southwest Florida, Clean 2 Go Fuel Services offers full-service fuel polishing. If you suspect your stored fuel or the fuel you have in your tank is dirty and needs cleaning, fuel polishing can help. In a special process, we remove contaminants from your fuel and then replace it in your tank, clean and pure. While many may simply change the filter after observing a clog and move on, it’s also wise to clean your fuel. By cleaning your fuel from time to time, you’ll also avoid build up in your tank which may affect, new, cleaner incoming fuel.


Fuel contaminants are more common than you’d think. Water, particulates and biological contaminants are often found in stored fuel or even sometimes from your fuel supplier. These contaminants may be found in prior storage tanks or make their way in through air filters. Condensation is a way that water commonly contaminates fuel. However it is that they enter, contaminants are harmful and can degrade your engine’s performance.


Don’t risk your engine performance due to dirty fuel. Allow the fuel polishing experts at Clean 2 Go Fuel Services to clean your fuel and get you back on track. Feel free to call our friendly staff with any questions you have. We look forward to serving you!

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