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Image by Alina Kacharho

Fuel Tank Cleaning

 If you’ve noticed clogged fuel filters, loss of power, diminished fuel economy, smoky exhaust, or even engine trouble, a dirty tank could be part of the problem. When you need help with fuel tank cleaning services, contact Clean 2 Go Fuel Services. 

Image by Dimitry Zub

Fuel Polishing

If you’ve taken a peep in your fuel tank, you may see that your fuel is dark, a slimy mass can be seen on a filter or there seems to be sediment floating around. These symptoms point to dirty fuel. This simple problem can cause your engine plenty of trouble. Get things back on track with fuel polishing through Clean 2 Go Fuel Services.

Image by Togo RV

Fuel Filtration

If you notice a slimy mass on your filter, that there’s sediment in the fuel or that it has a dark color, your fuel could be to blame. Dirty fuel is a seemingly simple problem that can cause damage to your engine and keep it from functioning optimally. How can you fix it? With a fuel filtration service.

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